Alma Street

Alma Street

United Kingdom, 2020

The new proposal intends to be in harmony with the original form and character of the existing property and the historic pattern of extensions within the terrace.

The design of the proposed extension aims to mimic the form of the butterfly roof by mirroring the monopitch of the existing two storey annex. However, at one storey, the proposed design refrains from interrupting the form of the original building and is instead subservient in its massing.

The new brick extension will provide a generous kitchen/ dining room that will connect directly with the garden. The uninterrupted plan of the extension will allow continuos views through the house and allow the ordering of rooms
to be adapted more freely. In addition, the floor level of the kitchen/dining room will be lowered by 250mm to allow for a more generous floor to ceiling height. The garden will also be lowered across its entirety to allow for a level threshold from kitchen.

The new extension is proposed to be built in brick with hard wood timber framed sliding doors.
All new rooflights will will be powder coated aluminium framed in dark grey colour to match the existing slate roof. The roof of the extension will be constructed in structural timber and clad in a GRP proprietary roofing material as non visible from its surrounding.