Roz Barr Architects is a London based architectural studio with a commitment to the careful crafting of architectural solutions through a process of making. We are dedicated to producing high-quality and inventive designs - not as a means of producing architectural ‘statements’ as such, but through a belief that the ability to produce innovative and beautiful work emerges from the interplay between content, context, and a sensitivity towards client requirements.

An in-house workshop allows us to create hand crafted models and other three dimensional material throughout the design process to explore our design ambition and demonstrate our thinking. We are a design-led practice, and we enjoy this process - a fact that is conveyed in the rigorous level of detail and research invested in all of our projects.

Established in 2010, the practice has a growing portfolio of projects defined by our distinct ethos of making. We have undertaken a diverse range of projects in the UK and abroad with private, public realm, commercial and cultural sector clients. Previous projects include a house and poolhouse in rural Spain, and a New York studio for Victoria Beckham. The practice gained international recognition for its proposals for a new church in Norway. Current projects include the ongoing refurbishment of the public spaces of the Building Centre in central London, and the provision of a new Augustinian Centre and priory for St. Augustine’s Church in Hammersmith.

The practice has earned a reputation for delivering a high level of finishes and quality of workmanship. This is achieved through time spent detailing and prototyping our designs. We were selected in 2016 as one of the ‘Emerging Practices’ published in New Architects 3 by the Architecture Foundation.

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